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40-09 21st Street
Queens, NY, 11101

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Brick Lamp




Walnut Brick Lamp -  A minimal and portable LED lamp, is activated when raised(on) or laid flat(off). 

from 1,500.00

Split Lamp - A combination of ceiling mirror and hand-blown glass pendant light.  


Eye Toy - With watchful eyes, they will follow you. Okay, not in a stalker-kinda way. 


IsoGrid -  A minimal stainless steel textile mirror on wall.

from 36.00

Clover - A bottle opener and an ornament that opens bottles in all directions.

from 265.00

Hex - A corner mirror of polished stainless steel with multiple reflections.


from 450.00

Y-Rack - A flexible modular coat rack system can expand upward and outward.


WA Coaster - The corrugated ceramic coaster

from 1,050.00

Bent Bench - The bench with curved seating that gently pulls people closer.


HYFEN is a design collection of home goods and furniture, created and curated by HCWD Studio and the collaborated designers, who focus on bridging human sense, physics, material and geometry, look into the essence of routine subjects, extract the critical elements from others, and link them together to create strange-familiar new objects that recompose how we interact with environment and daily life.